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May 12, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Location- Weston-Super-Mare

Caste- Paul Watkins

Equipment- 1xAKG C1000 mic collection, 1xManfrotto HDV501/503 Video Tripod (Large) collection, 1xMarantz PMD 660 Collection, 1xSony PD150 Collection & 1xS-video cable collection

Crew- Katherine Poyner

Originally i was going to film this scene in france, but due to problems with a volcano errupting in Iceland, and an ash cloud forming, there has been problems with booking flights.  So i decided to do the scene in this country instead in Weston-Super-Mare. The filming of ‘the magician’ in Western was a good shoot, despite it being just Paul and myself, Paul did the acting and I set up the equipment and filmed whilst recording sound all by myself. This wasn’t ideal, but baring in mind the lack of time, and the unavailability of any help, it needed to be done.   The shoot ran smoothly and was done in a few hours. I was particularly pleased with this scene as the beach was deserted, and the weather was bright which is exactly what I wanted. Whilst we were in Weston I noticed a big wheel on the front, and thought it would be a really nice shot to have if we filmed coming down from the top of the wheel, I asked permission from the owner and she said it was fine to film, and she even let us go up “in kind”. Before I left Weston I checked all the footage and made sure that there were no problems, because it was a difficult location to return to.


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