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March 25, 2010, 4:57 pm
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Whilst making my film, and i have been doing a networking module. I found this module extremely relevanty to making my film, espically beacuse my group was full of people from, performing arts, fine arts and music degree courses etc. Which are people that could all benefit me when making my film.

I think networking is very important, especially to me because I am working in the creative industry and want to become a film director. I will always need to film caste crew, including music composers, costume designers, make-up artists, camera men etc etc.  Also I would be networking not to gather my own contacts but to become a contact myself seen as I want to be a successful director with my own business, which means I will needs places to display my work, so some with a showcase cinema or someone that works to channel 4 would be a really good contact. Because I am making a film as my final project at University at the moment and I have relied on contacts and friends of contacts heavily and realised how important networking is.

 In order to successfully build up my contacts, I need to network. The best way to meet useful contacts I find is at events and festivals, and get involved with as may different activates as I can. Once I meet someone new and exchanged contact details I think the next stage is working out how we can benefit each other and make a win-win situation. Business cards are a very quick and easy way to do this, and also shows that you are professional and prepared.

 I am currently making a website and I keep an up to date Blog, to help promote myself and my business, its misskatherine333.wordpress.com.  This is good for giving on in presentations so people can have a look through the work that I’ve already done, which I am proud of. The good thing about Blogging is that you can add other people’s creative Blogs to your network, so you can always see what other people are doing creatively and if they’re type of work could benefit you in anyway.

 To be a successful networker I think you need to be polite forward approachable and friendly. Also introducing others so they can network to vital, that way people will always come back to you and see you as an introducer and therefore a good person to know. Appearance is very important, especially when doing presentations and coming across well at networking events. First impressions really do count, so I always make sure that I am dressed smartly in a suit.

 I like using social networking sites, including Facebook, which a really good site for meeting friends of friends, and building a network, it is also good for advertising yourself, and anything you might want. This will be a good way to promote my finish film. I plan to post the trailer onto my facebook page.

My university peers on my main degree course are all involved in the creative industry; however I have found even better on this add-vantage course, my peers are involved in different creative industries in which there skills can benefit me.  For example Sam Janickyj is a composer, and for my final project I need some music produced for my film, so I have done some networking with him, and added him on Facebook and since then we have made some arrangements. Our moudule tutor Ola, has sent an email round with a list of everyone’s name so I am going to add them all of Facebook and try and keep in contact with them for future use. Hopefully because we are all students, we can arrange to do work for one and other free of charge, for example if Sam composes me my theme tune, I will produce him a music video for free. This is a brilliant working relationship to have and I will be looking for other peers, especially in the field of fashion (to help me with costume and set design). I have got my eye on a couple of people in the group who I have already added on Facebook, and sent them a link to my Blog so perhaps I can do some photography for them in return.

  This is the presentation I said word for word in front of my networking group, without a PowerPoint or cue cards. It was simple but had a very clear point.  I dressed very formally, and came across confident and very clear in what I wanted.  I hope some people from the module get in contact with me, because they could all offer me some sort of asistance for my film. Due to networking i have allready gained appropiate actors and crew for my final peice, which i wouldnt have been able to get as easy and fast without my network.


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