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March 8, 2010, 10:17 am
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Scene 4



He is in a vacant space, possibly the beach; he is doing a magic trick,


Now if I just give this deck a quick shuffle and wham one hit, take the top card….that’s not your card, I know that and… so do you,  but if I take a quick look in my inside pocket, ohhh the ace of spades, go on you can say it…I can see your dying to say it, just say it,  

He looks over his shoulder very suddenly


Andy I’m not telling you again, if you want to buy your spuds from me then the minimum is half a kilo, no seriously mate I’ve got mouths to feed too you know. 

He looks back over his shoulder very suddenly, he’s laughing eccentrically


Boo, I’m telling you know little boy, I’ve got eyes in the back of my head, put the bullion back. Now run and tell mommy you’re considering a life of crime, mind you looking at you she would probably be proud. 

He looks back and stands true and proud whilst projecting at the top of his voice



He suddenly stops and bursts into a rant


Yes I read the papers twice a day and I record the news to review at my leisure, I don’t need you to tell me about smoke screens, good heavens I probably helped create them. Do I believe human life is worth less than a dollar bill, indeed.  Its simple really, survival is the only agenda and at the core is greed, why walk when I can take a cab and why take cab if I can take chopper and why take a chopper if I can take a jumbo, our society is designed to make rich men richer, god if you haven’t learnt that by now then you’re just thick.   

He looks to his right


All I really want is a life, not to do this every day, sure the entertaining has its moments but I don’t want to go through life constantly worrying, I haven’t got a pot to piss in. I should have been a gangster or one of them football hooligans, that would have give me purpose, instead I’m left doing this because I am a chip of the old block, in other words a waste of fucking space and still I refuse to give the tax man a penny, I mean I would if I felt it was necessary and maybe one day I will, when I’ve got the necessary minerals to do so, but no here I am,  maybe my face just doesn’t fit, this is without doubt a tricky situation.


He smiles, the heroin addict flashes in his mind, he collapses.



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