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ORIGINAL SCENE 3- needs amending
March 3, 2010, 5:42 pm
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Scene 3

Int and Ext

Location- varies


Close up of A’s face still shot with voice over, the dialogue in this scene takes a back seat to getting the feeling right, this scene is deliberately slow.


I have likened my life to the feeling of watching an hourglass, slow, painful, and getting ever closer to the end. I have questioned the intellect of sending a loved one or friend a card to congratulate them on landmarks such as a birthday, I feel it would make more sense to send a card saying… sorry to hear the bad news, you are after all getting ever closer. Call me a pessimist but I feel as though I am literally just waiting to die, this is what has led me to my current dilemma.  

“A” is standing on a chair with a bag over his face and a noose around his neck, he’s been there a while. He’s whispering.


Was there something I missed, something worth sticking around for. I have seen it all in my short life, go on do it now. Do it you pussy. Just a little shake of knees and it’s all over…………… It could hurt, it could hurt a lot. What if I don’t succeed, I appear to have failed at living, maybe ill fail at dying too.

He tentatively rocks the chair, edging himself to do it, he is breathing heavily then suddenly stops.


One last cigarette, I’m fortunate enough to say, the fags definitely didn’t beat me.

He pulls down the bag, takes a fag out of his pocket and lights up. Back to voice over.


Upon intake nicotine rushes straight to the brain, so pay extra attention to ones balancing skills as this could prove fatal. If someone was to say to you, you had five minutes left of your life, do what you will with it. Do you think you would come up with smoking a cigarette whilst, standing on chosen object, in this scenario a chair with the intention of hanging yourself. I could allow myself

one extra day, one extra roll of the dice, see if the spark comes back. 

He takes a deep breath, as he does the heroin addict flashes in his mind; he slips and hangs until dead. (for the purpose of readers, he is magically back alive in next scene)


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