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March 1, 2010, 9:31 am
Filed under: 311mc Final Project

Scene 2

Int- On stage


There is an audience full of people the magician is on stage with his outfit on and his makeup, he is delivering a speech. 



There are examples in our own nature that would show similar traits to the ones we are talking about here today, I mean it could be argued that we ourselves have been party to a matrilocal society, needlessly looking back on Margaret Thatcher’s term in charge, and by that I don’t mean hard and with the intention to destroy everything that stands in the way… that would just be insulting to the elephant. However that society should have shown us all that we can be what we set out to be, its just in here, if you have the heart and the ambition to succeed then you will. I do not consider myself to be famous or above anyone else and I have never strived to be that way but ill tell you what I am, and that’s happy. As I look around the room I can see the next Einstein amongst us or the next Samuel Beckett inspiring a nation of many. So my message to you all is do not give up, keep faith in the lord and he will keep faith in you. I have felt his presence and I’m telling you now it ain’t no magic trick, excuse the pun. On that note ladies and gentlemen ill leave you with that thought but just remember what I said, he lives in you.

He walks behind the curtain, Picks up his pet cat



What a load of shit, its people like them that keep food on the table, just remember that. The amount of people that ask me, can I have a look at your changing rooms

He opens the door to the men’s changing rooms, it’s nothing flashy.



It makes you wonder what they think they’re missing out on, it’s the absentness of never knowing that really eats away at them you know. Propaganda or PR Campaigns are the greatest magic tricks off all time you know; personally I couldn’t give a fuck. You ain’t got a spare fag have ya?

He stands upright and closes his eyes





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