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February 22, 2010, 1:08 am
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One of my actors (Paul Watkins) knows as band the might be interested in producing me some music for my drama. He emailed the leader of the group.

“hiya mate,Im doing a final year piece with a girl called kate from cov uni – she is on the media course and making a short film, its about the envy 2 people can have over each others lives without knowing what they really entail! anyway – its guna be quite a big one, we are g…oin to france to film it, and have some important people on bored, like the mayor or birmingham and a few others, so to cut a long story short, im sure the uni are going to use this as an example of what they produce, and could go further!!!! do you fancy writing and composing a few tracks for this? Obviously you will get credits and what not.Apart from that i hope u are well and hope to hear from you soonPaul”

Paul Watkins here is the reply from Thomas Marrick, the musician guy;

Hiya mate I most certainly do!When would they have to be done for? I’m temping currently but should finish either this week or next so am free to get on with more writing! Let me know of styles/examples or whatever of what you’d like me to do and I’ll see if I can… help out! Hope you’re OK, Take it easy Tom.

Im going to jot some ideas down and forward him the sort of sounds i need.


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