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February 17, 2010, 9:41 pm
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Title of programme: Heil Mein Führer

Duration: 10minutes

Audience: Male/female 16-30years

Screened: Degree show and Festivals

Format: MiniDV

Resume: There are two characters that you see throughout the drama, both are charaacters are both figures of the mind thought up by a drug dealer, that are in someway in his vission better than himself. We have one magician entertainer, and one successful business man, but still they’re is envy between the two characters. Thoughout the drama, things and object will change and will look unconsistant, just like the way of the mind.  Right at the end the two characters will eventually merge, and reveal as character C, the drug abuser.

His Two ideal characters that he has dreamed up both still have problems. This is in his mind showing no matter who you want to be theres no getting away from troubles, in reality or in the mind. and he can never really escape himself.

Scene one starts with the business character, he is doing something mundane and then has a flash in his mind of something unsettling, cut to the magician character, he messes up one of his trick because of an  unsettling image in his head.

From this point on the characters start envying  each other’s lives, although they don’t actually know each other, it is simply character A’s mind trying to piece together the perfect him.

 An example of this is the business like character walks past a stunning girl, who in the next shot is having lunch with the magician character on the Eiffel tower, this being the magician wanting the girl the business character liked…..There is no obvious connection between the two characters to start with, as the plot goes on it become more obvious.

They start doing things that interlock into each other’s personality’s, e.g. the magician heats a spoon until its boiling hot, the business like character goes to put a completely different spoon in a completely different scenario in his mouth, with say ice cream on but the spoon is boiling hot “their minds are connecting even thought they apparently don’t know each other”.

Then random things to show the craziness of someone’s mind in this case character A’s, E.g. a perfectly normal world with a bright pink cat, a house with no windows or doors, the business character is suddenly blind and then he’s not, the magician is a woman or he’s black then he’s not etc…

As the story goes on the characters turn up in each other’s stories without the knowledge of the other one, e.g. business character is in the zoo, as he walks round in the background the magician is in one of the cages, and vice versa for different scenarios.

Then the characters start to interlock and become one person, like Siamese twins. This creating a weird and uncomfortable ora . This is simply character A’s mind trying to force the characters into one person for his perfect life and then it all just stops, freeze frame, is character A dead? Who knows? We leave it to the viewer’s imagination.

Filming days: 9days

Estimated budget: Actors: £200

Costumes and Props £200

Fuel £50

Boat Hire £50

Accommodation: £100

Total: £600


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