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February 12, 2010, 11:07 am
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I have come up with a new idea to make a drama documentory.

I want to make documentary drama exploring the contrast between two radical differentiating lifestyles. This will feature interviews with two different characters in their ordinary lifestyles, talking about their pressures worries and aspirations. The two characters have very different backgrounds and are both envious of each other. My drama will be about 20minutes long and will be shot in a documentary style with cut-away shots to illustrate some of the points made.

The first character “Craig” had rooted himself deeply into lifestyle of taking and dealing drugs to scratch a living and pass his worries bye. This hard pressed lifestyle had led “Craig” to the comforts of binge drinking, most weekends where he spends his nights clubbing In order to forget his financial troubles. Whereas in the week he does little less than watch “The Jeremy Kyle Show” when he finally rolls out of bed.

However Mark has been fortunate to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This has placed him within the wealthy comforts in which Craig is very envious. However Mark has a two year old son and feels he can no longer go out and enjoy life in the same way, and is jealous of Craig “free” lifestyle.

I want to switch between interviews with both characters whilst showing shots of some of their day-to-day lives.

I will need two actors to play the main to characters, I know some actors that have recently graduated from performing arts at university who would be perfect to play Craig and Mark, I will ask them to act in my documentary for £100 each.

The equipment I will borrow from the university loan shop will be free of charge, however I will need to buy a tape for £3.40 from the loan shop.

I want to film the interviews at two different locations, one a posh house and another a scruffy looking flat, as well as various locations around Birmingham such as local shops and park to show the characters daily routine.


I have made my decision to make a drama short, i havent wanted many drama shorts before, so i did some research by going onto www.shootingpeople.org and www.bbc.co.uk/filmnetwork and watching some examples. I have already watched “Who Killed Brown Owl” and “About a Girl”  so i wanted to look at some others.


I watched one called video called “My Brown Friend” on www.shootingpeople.org, which is about a woman who is on drugs and how she struggles with her addiction and looses her morals, values and herself on the way. It is 4minutes and 11 seconds long which i think is the right amount of time for the drama to put across its message. The short has very ocasional dialogue,  but not alot becuase there is an affective creepy peice of music, which is consistant throughout the film. The music is one of the most memorable things about the peice, and i think helps give it its overall creepy feel, i would like to create something similar with my chosen soundtrack, however not as consistant.  The film has a very simple linear narrative which i think works well, because it isnt clear until the end what the film is about. The woman playing the main role i think is a good actress and is fit for the role. Overall i did like the film, becuase it keep me interested, due to its animated charcter was visually interesting and made em want to carrying on watching.

Another film i watched is called “1471”, i didnt enjoy this shrt as much, its was 5minutes and33 seconds long, and was very slow paced. However the sound quality was absolutly amazing, and it was really noticable. At one point in the film a charcter gently kicks a peddle, and we hear the full loud, clear sound effect. I definatly want that quality of sound for my short film.  I didnt like alot of the shots used, espcially at the begining, there is a shot taken from inside a moving car, which is always difficult to do, the camera was shaky and i dont think the shot was at the correct level to look effective. Also i noticed the car windscreen was dirty and it just caught my attention the whole duration, its that sort of attention to detail i dont want to miss, when making my film. Also i dont think the acting in this film was as convincing as it could have been, and the locations and props could have been less “everyday” to perhaps make the peice more visually intresting. i think a tighter edit would have looked better, therefore making the film shorter.

Im not sure whether you can isolate generic characteristics of short films, however i have noticed some similar traits, such as length, most seem to be somewhere between 4-10minutes long.  The only short film i watched which wasslightly different fromt he rest was one called “Paint My World”, this was only 1minute and 14seconds long,  and also had a different feel to it than the rest of the shorts. While i was watching it, it was almost liek watching an advert for a mobile phone company, becuase of the simplicity of the shots, the upbeat corporate sounding music and the very simple narrative.  Towards the end of the film, when the girl looks into the camera and smiles i feel that i am waiting for a company logo to appear. Overall i did like the peice becuase it was slightly different and the actor was convincing, and there were good interesting locations.  Although i do think, there could have been a perhaps and narrative which is more worth telling.


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