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Week 7 – Interim Critique
February 25, 2010, 6:41 pm
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I presented my interim critique to the group and i got some feedback. It was considered that i was getting a little ahead of myself by filming tests shots allready when my script hasnt even been completed. I have been advised to prepare everything, before filming even little bits.  I also have to update my proposal and get it approved by Steve Dawkins. This week i want to have my storybaords, schdule and shot lists complete, aswell as arrangements for my locations and music finalised and confirmed.  I also have given my script writer until the end of the week to get the script completed so i can check it over and make some ammendments. The interim Critique was helpful and also allowed me to see how other people where getting on, which is always useful and sometimes inspiring.


February 22, 2010, 4:20 pm
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Test shots involving actors, scene one, on location in Barnt Green Birmingham.


  • Radio mics
  • boom mic and stick
  • z1 camera
  • tri pod
  • light
  • still image camera
  • tracking dolly

I wanted to get all my crew and caste together do do a run through on location, just to get the feel of the time, space for me and my crew and caste, also i wanted to  test my actors in order to make no time delays on the day, and make sure they are all suitable for the roles provided. 





SAM HOPKINS-07969003220



MARK HOPKINS-07931373849

PAUL WATKINS-07504440330

The shooting went well, i am happy with my crew, however i cant help but feel that Mark Hopkins looks a little young to be playing a successful business man, and i am considering finding someone slightly older to play the role and perhaps giving the role of the druggie to Mark.

February 22, 2010, 3:49 pm
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  • location photographs
  • production video

Concepts and Issues
February 22, 2010, 1:58 pm
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When thinking about the key concepts, i think it is very important to leanr them a remeber them although my peice. There is a is way to remeber them that i have listed below, that i found in “Video Production” By Steve Dawkins and Ian Wynd on page 8.

“I institution

C contexts of production

A audiences

R  representation

L language

I ideology

N narrative

G genre”


I have to consider institution when producing my film, i have watched existing film shorts, by independant and main stream producers and made a note of the producers in order to carry out some research.

Contexts of Production

The context in which my film short is created in is very important.  I have got to be aware of the histrical, technological, econmic, social and political context of production.  Technically we are living in a digital age and becuase of this factor i want to film my peice in high defination or wide , rather than 4:3. If i cant get the correct eqipment to enable me to do that, i must do some aspect ratio converting in my edit from 4:3 -16:9 in as part of my edit, in order for my film to not look old fashioned.


I want to make a film for an audience to enjoy, and in order to do this i will have to indentify my audience, and make asumptions  about their tastes and interests. I am hoping to attract a younger audience 15-25 years old roughly becuase my main character is a male who is around that age, and i want the audience to try and indentify with him. Any members of my audience who are suffering with mental disorders or regular drug abusers may be effected my peice, becuase of the negative way my character comes across.  I have got to be really careful about causing offence even though it is only a drama.


My drama  is about a man who is suffering from personality disorders and dillusion due to his drug abuse. Drugs are seen in alot of peoples eyes and fin and relatively harmless, my drama is highlighting the dark side to the buzz. It is all about a man that had spend his life on smack, and is riddled with personality disorders, and dillusion. He is representing someone with a perosnlaity disorder due to drug abuse, and in my peice is it being represented in a negative way due to his collaspe at the end and his behaviour thoughout.  Any members of my audience who are suffering with mental disorders or regular drug abusers may be effected my peice, becuase of the negative way my character comes across.  I have got to be really careful about causing offence even though it is only a drama.


My film is a short film, and therefore needs to have appropiate film grammer.


There is a wide range of short films available, and i have watched several on varios different websites


My film has a inear narrative (start-middle-end_ in that order).  I only want my drama to be short and i dont hink thats enough time, to be jumping around in time, and expecting the audience to follow. Most film shorts i have watched as part of my research were linear.


My film’s sub-genre is a thriller, and therefore the audience will have expectations of my film to meet the, set codes of conventions of a thriller. However my film is also a short, which i think has its own codes and coventations and will give my audience contrasting expections to my sub-genre.

Monday 22nd Febuary-Meeting 2
February 22, 2010, 11:13 am
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Today im a going to have a metting with my caste and crew. My co-script writer and I havent finishes writing the script and it is holding the whole filming process up a little. So what i want to do, is now we all scene1 written and ready to go, i want to find a location and film it.   The meeeting is at 6pm, and im going to write and agenda, and make sure everyone is clear what they have to do, and decuss any probelms that have occured.


February 22, 2010, 1:08 am
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One of my actors (Paul Watkins) knows as band the might be interested in producing me some music for my drama. He emailed the leader of the group.

“hiya mate,Im doing a final year piece with a girl called kate from cov uni – she is on the media course and making a short film, its about the envy 2 people can have over each others lives without knowing what they really entail! anyway – its guna be quite a big one, we are g…oin to france to film it, and have some important people on bored, like the mayor or birmingham and a few others, so to cut a long story short, im sure the uni are going to use this as an example of what they produce, and could go further!!!! do you fancy writing and composing a few tracks for this? Obviously you will get credits and what not.Apart from that i hope u are well and hope to hear from you soonPaul”

Paul Watkins here is the reply from Thomas Marrick, the musician guy;

Hiya mate I most certainly do!When would they have to be done for? I’m temping currently but should finish either this week or next so am free to get on with more writing! Let me know of styles/examples or whatever of what you’d like me to do and I’ll see if I can… help out! Hope you’re OK, Take it easy Tom.

Im going to jot some ideas down and forward him the sort of sounds i need.

February 19, 2010, 12:53 pm
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(character A is a figment of the heroin addicts imagination as is character B so this entire scene and all following unless stated are in the heroin addicts head, explaining the crazyness)

Character A is stood looking out of the windows of the high rise building, he is talking to his psychologist about his life…again.


One after the other, it’s always the same. I actually wanted to be an actor,

Camera close up of character A’s face.

He has gone into acting mode, he repeats the same sentence several different ways with different tones to his voice


Then there was Sally, she was abit of a bitch


Then there was Sally…..she was abit of a bitch


(ANGRY) Then there was Sally, she was abit of a bitch.


(Upset) Then there was Sally, she was abit of a bitch


(Camp) Then there was Sally, she was abit of a bitch.

Camera Pan, Character A is now lying on the Sofa in a completely different outfit.


So whilst you understand the talent wasn’t lacking, the support from the parents definitely was. I was young and had a successful father, so I naturally wanted to be the next Mr. CEO, well so they believed. You trying explaining to daddy that you want to attend Rada to become a professional fairy. You get the picture, I didn’t even have a degree but here I am Mr. Ceo.  


Do you feel as though the morale standing of your companies is tarnished by the fact you didn’t attend University?

Character A is smiling at his psychologist with a really fake grin, his eyes a bright.


Pardon? Who are you to talk to me about Morales? The only reason you are open today is because I am paying you a fortune to do so, helping the needy are we? I doubt it. You have the same moral grounding as a pig, are you a pig? Ill give you an extra twenty quid to say you are. You make me sick and on that note I’m leaving.

He gets up and rushes towards the door, he shouts.



I won’t be returning



See you next week then.

He stops in an instance, and turns on his heels



Have I really become that predictable

He turns back round and slams the door behind him. Just before he leaves the building he kicks a bin over and empties the black bag, he then stuffs the black bag in his pocket.