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January 19, 2010, 4:07 pm
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I want my documentory to have a Jeremy Kyle Show feel (appeal to the same audience), i want my peice to be a documentory rather than a chat show, and focused on a indivual case rather than having different stories. I watched this clip along with many others trying to work out what it is that makes these clips so entertaining and popular, and i think its because its “real life” and “real people” rather than drama. Same with reality tv, which is very popular at the moment.



The F4J “Blueprint For Family Law In The 21st Century Document” is available to all registered supporters of Fathers 4 Justice. The document outlines the core principles of a new framework for the family law industry and a proposed Bill of Rights for the Family.

The Blueprint provides a foundation upon which a truly fair, just, open and equitable system of family law can be based. A foundation of rights intertwined with responsibilities, built for the 21st Century that genuinely puts children first.

Fathers 4 Justice proposes three strategies to reduce conflict for children and their families in contact disputes and rebuild public confidence in the discredited family justice system:

Early Interventions & Mandatory Mediation
Before couples seek legal recourse, the government must recognise that ALL couples should be bound to enter into mandatory mediation, with appropriately trained mediators.

Presumption of Contact & Shared Parenting
The best parent is both parents. The starting point after separation should be to maintain where possible what the status quo was before separation. Children currently have no right in law to see their parents. The principle of shared parenting creates a level playing field where conflict can be reduced, as opposed to the current “winner takes all” scenario which generates maximum conflict.

Open Justice
The current family justice system has been publicly discredited by organisations such as Fathers 4 Justice. Only a fully open, transparent and accountable system of justice can restore public confidence. The various half-measures currently being floated by the government will only serve to fuel public unease and distrust of a secret system. There is not a shred of empirical evidence to support the claim that open justice could “damage” children. If the government is genuinely nervous of the consequences to children, why not submit open justice to a limited trial, and monitor the results?

Fathers 4 Justice believes these three core principles should be the foundation on which to build a new Bill of Rights For The Family as documented in our Blueprint, a legacy our children and their children’s children will enjoy free of the injustices of the old law.”

I want all these points to be used and put forward to Dani to answer in my documentory.


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