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Treatment PLAN A
January 18, 2010, 4:34 pm
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I want to produce a 20minute documentary about fathers rights focusing an individual case. It will feature interviews from both the mother and father their family and a care worker. It will be shot from both points of view, and will high contrast low key lighting to darken the mood, and make the interview shots more visually interesting.

The father (Tom) struggled with a cocaine addiction all last year however attended rehab when he found out his then girlfriend (Danielle) was pregnant.  However even though he has been sending her letter from his rehab officer to prove he is clean, Danielle has stopped him from seeing his baby girl Brooke. My documentary will look into both sides of the story and facts behind the rights they have.

At the moment programmes like “The Jeremy Kyle Show” based around real life issues are very popular and according to the mail online www.dailymail.co.uk he delivers viewing figures in excess of 1.5 million, dominates the morning slot across the channels and could churn out programmes until kingdom come. I want to give my show the Jeremy Kyle show feel, however focusing on an individual case throughout and from an unbiased view, different from The Jeremy Kyle Show.  I want to do some research on fathers rights and reality/real life documentaries to develop my idea.

Below is a picture of Dani Tom and Brooke, when Brooke was first born.

Tom has contacted his solicitor and a mediation meeting arrange, Dani has until the end of the month to reply or turn up, and if she doesn’t she will be summoned to court, which will only look better for Tom. Tom, as he will explain in the documentary, want Brooke every other weekend, to be fair to Dani and so he can earn as much as he can to support her. Tom has a history of cocaine use, that will be mentioned as tom tells his story, and he will explain his struggle to kick the habit.

Both Tom and Dani have given me permission to film, aswell as relevant members of their families, so theyre shouldnt be a problem. I want the interveiws to take place in their natural environments, which arfe family homes, to reunforce the “real life” effect im going for. I want everything to be 100%real i dont want anything to be exerated or set up. Filming at their homes means i allready have permission and it is definalty allowed and free of charge. They both will film for free aswell, which is good for my budget.

i want to edit my peice in Adobe Premier 6, because it is the editing software that im most comfortable using.


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