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December 16, 2009, 1:31 pm
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I have now made the three videos for power memory and spactacle have really helped and influenced my decision making when it comes to my final peice 311mc which starts next term. Originally i wanted to make a short film about dogs, which i still do however i have developed my idea a little more since the module began. I now want to make it an simple animation like my power video and i think this will tie in with memory because i think my chosen style was memorable because it was so child-like and simple and therefore a spectacle. i want to find out if there are any obsactacles for the final peice because i want my final peice to be aimed at children. Over this module i have also used still imagary in making my “Spectacle” video.  When making this video i put together existing photogrpah added a soundtrack and titles and arranged them into a video, however in 311mc the photogrpahs i would have have to take myself, and i am not very good at photography, so it wouldnt be my first chioce of techniques to use.  Over the holidays i wants to hire out a camera and practice my skills and hopefully becaome more confident and passionate about photography, and this may given effect my decision about my final peice.

I really enjoyed making the animation for my “power” video, it proved to me you dont have to be the greatest artist in the world to make a animation that is good and makes sense, however i would like to improve my drawings a little so i am going to lay aroubnd in paint and also look at other ways and programmes i could use make make animation.

This module has also influenced my opinion on research,i used to think that research was pretty pointless, but in this module it has been a very helpful factor in alof of my decision making, which i think also has improved over the duration of this module. For example looking back to POST13 i researched different types of animation and i was so suprised hwne i found out how many different types there actually were. i would like to have a go and perhaps making some video shorts over the holidays using the different method to see what works best for me, and then for my final peice i will feel confident in using this method, i can also include my shorts as research for my 311mc.Before this moudle i really wasnt looking forward to doing 311mc becuase i am not very technical and not very skilled when it comes to photography either, and to be honest i thought i was just going fail or barely pass, but now i have learnt through research that they’re are many ways of making media objects and i should just find a couple i enjoy and practice over the holidays ready for 311mc.

Another thing that has improved on this module is my blogging skills, before the module i barely knew what a blg was, and now i feel happy and confident using one and much prefer it to heavy stressful work books which look messy and use a lot of ink becuase you have to print everything off. I find blogging much easier becuase you can see everything infront of you with dates on it, also you can keep an eye on what other people are doing and give each other useful feedback.


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