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November 1, 2009, 5:43 pm
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I have made a new video because of my troubles uploading my original. It is a shame because the original was such a good idea. However i want to keep the main idea i had about some kind of nudity because i think as human we are naturally interested and curious when it comes to nudity. This video is called “20 things to do before you die” which then goes on to suggest men you should think about sleeping woth before you die. it is short and light hearted. we see so many videos we could be seen as de-grading to women so i thought it was about time one was made about men. i chose “I Just Wana Make Love To You” by Etta James as the music because it is a track that has been used before in the media when attractive men appear and i wanted to meet the stereotype in order to make my video cheesey. i chose the pictures of the men with a panel of females in order to make sure they were all attractive to a range of women (apart from the man at the end). The man in the picture at the end is a bit of joke becuase he is obviously not a very attractove man at all because he is ugly and overweight, i have placed his picture last just to end on a light note because he is the complete opppasite to the other men in the video and its quite interesting for the audience to compare. This video is definatly a spectacle because of the very attractive half naked men, and i think it woulod be a spectacle to men aswell as women because nuidty is still intresting even if your not attracted to the person.


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Miss K – what can I say – there’s certainly some male ‘eye candy’ here and the execution of the piece is competent enough – I also like your (if short) rationale and the comical title – 20 things to DO before you die. However I was very interested in seeing your original idea which nods to the candid camera genre and has all kinds of different research strands that could have been explored (digital eye, attitudes towards nudity, the power of stripping etc etc) I hope you do manage to extrapolate on that original idea for your final piece or perhaps next term. Anyway – I was certaily ‘entertained’ by this artefact. Do please keep up the blogging – you need a bit more of a rigorous theoretical approach than you’re employing currently but it’s getting there:) Mez

Comment by M Packer

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